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Historic luxury menswear brand reveals how they keep prices low on their premium and eco-friendly range

Dating back to the 1800s, luxury menswear brand William and Edwards continue to push industry standards, by creating luxury and eco-friendly garments at an affordable price. For many brands, these standards while maintaining a good price point are out of reach, but William and Edwards are revealing how it is able to achieve this… About William and Edwards London based William and Edwards dates back to the second half of the 1800s. The story began with the Great Grandfather of the founder, who was a tailor and shirt maker for the royal families and aristocracy of Europe. Today, much the same as over 100 years ago, the most important thing to the brand is the quality of its garments. William...

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Luxury Menswear Brand Expands Sustainable Clothing Line With New Products

One of the UK’s most distinguished menswear brands has expanded its range of environmentally-friendly and sustainable clothing with the addition of two new products. William and Edwards, which offers chinos, knitwear, overcoats, and shirts for men who appreciate quality craftsmanship, has introduced sustainable alternatives to products from retailers such as T.M Lewin, Hawes & Curtis and Charles Tyrwhitt, all made from organic materials and recycled yarns. Adding to its already vast collection of formal shirts, William and Edwards has launched a new luxury organic shirt, made from soft Egyptian cotton. The slim fit shirts feature a semi cutaway collar, button cuff, and tailored stitching for improved durability. Organic cotton has been chosen for its unique ability to help the brand...

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We are official clothing partner The Red Arrows launch The Beaujolais Run® 2018

Wearing their specially produced William and Edwards crew wear, driver and navigator teams arrived excited at RAF Scampton to join the launch of The Beaujolais Run 2018®, and certainly left stunned. Sporting their 617 Squadron badges of the famous Dambusters Squadron under special permission gave an added air of expectation to proceedings. Having passed through security they found themselves met by veterans of the Royal Air Force, who had agreed to guide them through the story of life as a member of 617 Squadron in 1943. Passing Upkeep mines, as bounced against the dams, developed by Barnes Wallis and the grave of ‘Nigger’, Wing Commander Guy Gibsons Labrador’s grave, ‘Runners became immersed in all things ‘Dambuster’. Visiting Gibson’s office, with...

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Why are William & Edwards shirts affordable and high quality?

If you entered the William & Edwards shirt store recently, you most likely saw that the prices are pretty affordable, despite the very high quality delivered with these shirts. But why are these shirts affordable and how does the company manage to keep the costs low despite the very high quality that they deliver? These are some very good questions, and the reasons are rather easy to understand. What tends to increase the production prices for most shirts is the fact that they are created in Europe. Recently, European taxes have increased to the point where manufacturers are constantly trying to find some new, creative way to eliminate the trouble and reach some incredible benefits for the longer term. For...

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Why should you use William & Edwards for your luxury shirt purchases?

Are you looking for a great shop where you can find some of the best luxury shirts on the market? William & Edwards is here to bring you the ultimate experience and some of the highest quality shirts out there. But why should you consider purchasing these high standard shirts from William & Edwards? Here you have a few great features to keep in mind. These show the value, quality, and professionalism that can be delivered by William & Edwards! The best materials All William & Edwards shirts are created from 100% fine cotton, and they also have a split back yoke and split inner yoke. This means you get the very best products on the market. Plus, your skin...

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