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Historic luxury menswear brand reveals how they keep prices low on their premium and eco-friendly range

Dating back to the 1800s, luxury menswear brand William and Edwards continue to push industry standards, by creating luxury and eco-friendly garments at an affordable price.

For many brands, these standards while maintaining a good price point are out of reach, but William and Edwards are revealing how it is able to achieve this…

About William and Edwards

London based William and Edwards dates back to the second half of the 1800s. The story began with the Great Grandfather of the founder, who was a tailor and shirt maker for the royal families and aristocracy of Europe.

Today, much the same as over 100 years ago, the most important thing to the brand is the quality of its garments. William and Edwards produce a luxury range of shirts, including both casual and formal styles, each of which has its own character and personality. In addition, the current collection includes stylish chinos, knitwear, overcoats and a range of organic socks and shirts.

Direct competitors to the brand include TM Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt and Hawes and Curtis. While William and Edwards are able to exceed the quality of these luxury brands, it offers its garments at a lower price point and produces its products in a way that’s friendly to the environment.

Manufacturing Secrets Revealed

There are two ways in which the brand are able to produce such high quality garments, without a luxury price tag:

  1. William and Edwards make its own garments, keeping overheads as low as possible with no middle man to pay and no far east production costs
  2. The brand sources quality fabrics directly from Mills such a as

sucha as Soktas and Monti . The fabric it sources is luxury Egyptian and Italian cotton, much of which is available in limited quantities but is of striking quality. The long term relationships built means William and Edwards are able to source these beautiful fabrics for an incredible price.

Soktas, one of the brand’s biggest suppliers, has been in the industry since 1971, and is a specialist designer and producer of cotton and cotton blend fabrics. Soktas is committed to social and environmental responsibility, choosing to make their fabrics using ethical and climate smart methods, while also protecting natural resources. This approach, along with a short production line allows William and Edwards to not only keep costs low, but to also keep its environmental impact at a minimum.

Environmental Expansion

This year, the brand expanded its range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Introducing a new luxury organic shirt, the slim fit style is set to be a bestseller, and the organic material allows the brand to reduce its environmental footprint further through using lower quantities of energy, water and chemicals during the farming process.

A new line of socks made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon was also introduced this year. ECONYL® is made from discarded fishing nets and blended with Global Organic Textile Standard organic cotton, to create long lasting and comfortable socks for men that are also environmentally friendly.

Yunus Emre Ozkaya, CEO of William and Edwards said, “For years, there has been a widespread belief in the fashion industry that manufacturers can either make clothing that’s high quality, luxurious, or kind to the environment and our aim is to show that there’s no need to choose between the three. With our new range of sustainable clothing made from organic cotton and recycled materials, we’re making superior, eco-friendly menswear the new reality.”

While William and Edwards continue to go above and beyond, producing high quality garments, it refuses to charge customers a premium. Able to keep prices low due to its approach to fabric sourcing and manufacturing, the brand also avoids charging a premium for its desire to protect the planet and make responsible choices.



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